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Predict the next powerball winning numbers using the three awesome tools provided by How to Win Powerball. Although, all lotteries are a game of random chance, an informed player can gain the odds. There are nine ways to win Powerball! One, match the Powerball number and two, match 3 out of 5 numbers drawn from a pool of 69 numbers. Those are the minimum requirements to win a prize. The odds of matching the Powerball number is 1 in 26 and the odds of matching 3 out of 5 white numbers are 1 in 580. When considering the odds, matching the Powerball number is your best bet.

PowerBall Winning Numbers

06/27/20209 36 49 56 62 8
06/24/202015 22 27 33 46 23
06/20/202010 31 41 63 67 5
06/17/20207 10 63 64 68 10
06/13/20202 12 32 50 65 5
06/10/202010 33 41 52 54 18
06/06/20201 17 38 68 69 18
06/03/20201 3 26 41 64 17
05/30/202013 32 41 58 60 14
05/27/202038 58 59 64 68 21
05/23/20202 8 18 21 23 16

How to Predict the Next Powerball Numbers

How to Win Powerball, provides you with three tools that will assists you in predicting the next powerball wininng numbers. One tool for picking the white numbers (1-69) and two tools for picking the powerball number/s (1-26). First, the white numbers. Above, the table shows the last eleven drawings. Choose 3 odd numbers and two even from the table. Since the group of numbers containing 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers has more combinations then any other group, it just makes sense to use this to your advantage. The group containing the second most combinations is 3 even and 2 odd numbers.

Next, the powerball number. The powerball number, just to be clear, is the red number. To help make it easier to pick a powerball number and spot a trend, divide the numbers into 3 groups. Low, Mid Range, and High. Low numbers are 1-12, mid-range is the number 13, and high numbers are 14-26. Now you only have to choose your numbers out of the three groups. To do this, use the frequency, last drawn and previous drawn tools to determine how the powerball numbers are trending. Don't forget to use your intuition, your gut feeling.

The last word about lottery numbers: mathematically each and every number has the same exact chance of being drawn. Regardless when or how often or not they appear in the list. However, by using your intuition, your gut feeling, and carefully picking your numbers, you may be surprised with your increased winnings. Pay special attention to the powerball number. Matching the powerball number makes you an instant winner. Finally, as one of my good friends once said: "You're just a buck away". Good Luck!